Uganda Women Speak Out Campaign

Since the pre- independence period the Women of Uganda have been vocal on issues that affect them directly and society in general ranging from governance issues to those that impact on the quality of life at the personal, family and community levels. Though it is generally or traditionally believed that women have no place and role in the public arena and that those women who speak out in public are considered not to be “good women” this myth has been permanently upset in the last 20 years since women took charge of their own destiny when many heroines participated in the wars that relieved this country of the dictatorial governments of the first 20 years after independence. History has not fully paid tribute to the courageous contributions of women to the independence struggles and neither to the building and sustaining of the country throughout its turbulent history of the 1970s and 1980s. Nonetheless after 1986, with a relatively more conducive government to citizens’ participation in their own governance, women have taken their right to participate seriously to the extent that they ensured it is incorporated and guaranteed by the Constitution of Uganda adopted in 1995.

Today it is more than 15 years since the promulgation of the Constitution and the voices of women continue to be heard in the corridors of power and through all channels of communication speaking out on issues that need urgent attention. The purpose is to ensure that we the Women of Uganda safeguard the legacy that was bequeathed to us by our sisters and we do the same for our children and generations to come so that they know that the women’s struggles for peace, advancement, equality, human rights and development have led to great achievements over the years that have transformed the status and position of women in society. The Women of Uganda also desire to build on the successes of the past so that our children inherit a country that we are all proud of.


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