Pader women decry slow pace of tackling nodding disease

A group of women in Bolo- Kwera village, Awere Sub County in Northern Uganda, have urged the government to assist them in eradicating the nodding disease which is affecting children in Awere Sub county, Northern Uganda.

The women, who gathered at the resident of Opio Pierro, decried the slow pace at which nodding disease was being addressed in the area.

Pila Adong, a resident in the area, said: “There are over 1,000 children with nodding disease in the area of Awere Sub county. Most of these also come from poor families and live in poor hygiene”

Mzee Luke Orach, another resident said: “There is only one medical assistant who serves the population in Bolo Village at the health centre II located in the area. All other women and people with complaints of ailment have to travel to Awere Health centre III.”

There is also a severe challenge in getting water. There is only one borehole in Bolo, located at Bolo- Primary school, which serves the whole village. The other borehole located in Awere is not accessible.

The vast majority of homesteads in Bolo Kwera do not have toilet facilities for proper faecal disposal such as latrines. When a village member was asked where one could get a toilet facility, he was told to move ahead in the bushes of the area.

Such a failure to provide faecal disposal units could be a cause of diseases such as diarrhoea and worms.

April 16, 2012 Submitted by kityojames


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